Join us in the Modern Movement

Are you ready to become a part of a family of people who are passionate about taking control of their financial freedom? What if you had the chance to become more empowered and more self-confident, all while helping others do the same? When you start your own Femme Fatale business, you put yourself at the forefront of a movement. You join a community of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to reclaiming our right to safety, freedom, equality, and respect. FEMME FATALE IS A BUSINESS, A LIFESTYLE, AND A MOVEMENT. JOIN NOW

What do Representatives do?

As a Femme Fatale Representative, You will receive your kit with products and business aids as well as a fully functioning website To help you demonstrate our products. On your websites back office you will be provided training aids, videos and everything else you need from day one along with our Savvy start program to help you develop good business habits and step by step guide that are designed to ensure your success.
Once trained, you will start reaching out to friends and family, whoever you feel may want to open their homes. Allow you to demonstrate products and offer the opportunity for others to join the movement and become a part of your team! During these parties, guests are encouraged to partake in viewing products, engage in conversation as you the representative educate and lead the conversation. At the end of the evening, guests will have a chance to shop in private with you. Giving them the opportunity to ask questions about products or joining, you will be helping them make decisions on their purchases based on their needs.
Your commissions will be calculated from these and all orders you receive be it through your E-Commerce site or at a home party setting. 
As you start growing a team, you will be provided with knowledge and applicable skill sets to help lead your team to success. You will be rewarded for these efforts by way of bonuses up to 12% of your direct recruits!

Reasons you’ll fall in love!
Lucky Seven


Be your own boss - Your business is done Your way, flexible schedule - Full-time or Part-time, the choice is yours! speaking of business… Enjoy all the right offs! And business perks!

No Cost Host Plan
We believe in helping you in business in all ways, including a kick-ass Hostess program for easy bookings and enjoy our exclusive no-cost host program which means that your hosts are spoiled on our dime, not yours. Your parties will have no costs to you which means more profit - a happy hostess and you - a happy business owner!

Great Pay!
We’ve put together a gorgeously generous compensation plan. We’ll reward you for sharing, coaching and growing your team. Receive 30-45% commission on everything you sell! Earn while you sleep, your website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Personal sales bonuses, Team sales bonuses and so much more! Grow your team and you'll earn even more rewards! BONUS! CHECK OUT OUR EXCITING SAVVY START PROGRAM TO LAUNCH YOUR CAREER!
We believe knowledge is power. We’ve partnered with a leader in sexual health to develop training just for you! You’ll have the opportunity to become a certified sexual educator - amazing! We’ll support you in many other ways too! Business training with direct sales and social media rock stars and so much more!

5  Recognition
We want to create sexy, savvy, sophisticated individuals who to harness their own power. We want to build great leaders and support you in your dreams. You will be celebrated for your achievements and recognize for hard work!

6  Industry Leading Products
Because who would want to sell products you cant stand behind?  We have products that have won awards like the healthiest, or the strongest and most recommended on the market.

7 Be Part of a Community 
Friendships will be the byproduct of working your business. You will be surrounding yourself with like-minded people to help each other grow and support each other in business.

Earning Opportunities 

The beauty of Being your own boss and working your business on your own accord is the flexibility in earning potential you get with it. ‘You get out what you put in’ definitely applies here. Whether you choose to work part-time or full time with Femme Fatale, you will be rewarded for your hard work. From direct commissions to bonuses to your team bonuses. 
Being that there are so many applicable variables we cannot specify how much to expect. We can only provide company averages. 
Based on party averages 
$625/ Night
Earnings from a single party based on the noted party average 
depending on your rank could mean to you 
$190-$280 average 

Tessa, Team Leader

Windsor, Ontario | Party Avg.  $1100

Feel free to watch both videos below!

Pick your Kit And then Customize! 


Because you shouldn’t be made to buy products or a kit that won't fit your budget. 
We have made 2 simple kits as a base for you to then customize based on your networks wants.

BUNDLES ARE 50% OFF RETAIL AND START AT JUST $65                                                           

$64.99 + Taxes & Shipping

- 10 Catalogs
-  50 Order Forms 
-  4 Sample packs   

-  10 Brochures
-  Personal website
-  Training materials


$199.99 + Taxes & Shipping

 - Lust bullet              - Amore 2.0      
- Luxe Love 2.0        - Wild Butterfly
 - Maxx                      - Smoke
 - Tease me               - Hostess Exclusive
 - Wave Lubricant      - Deeply Love you 
 - Toy Cleaner            - Sizzle Lips
 + Business Supply Kit ($65 value)




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